Artist Statement


Moved by reflecting in our current highly technological and web depending lifestyles where we are constantly called to look outside into screen devices (phones and computers), I realized that the importance of my work is to express a call to look within and see..., to trust feelings and inner knowledge, to free the mind from constant attention/dependence to a screen or technological device, and internet related information; There seems to be less and less real direct perception, less one on one conversations, and less and less contact with self, I am inspired to remind the importance to reclaim the mind and the imagination, to activate and stimulated by direct experience, by keeping in touch with our own selves and nature.

My work is informed by visions. Vision are images and sensations that arise within the mind and heart.The interplay of observing light and sound with open and closed eyes is an important source of my entire new series. A sense of space, the joy of color, movement and vibration. These are the underlying themes that reveal as feelings or impressions in my work. 

Thus,  I am invested  to paint that wich reflect what can be perceived in the mind’s eye, and sharing the visions with all people , beyond age , gender, cultural or religious background, with Art I want to reach a global community.