Why buy art?

Artwork should be given a place in any budget for three main reasons: 1) Artworks last a lifetime and it appreciates.; 2) Owning and viewing art regularly increases your quality of life and exercises your artistic eye.; and 3) Buying art supports artists, who in addition to earning a living, are also continuously improving the aesthetic quality of our communities and of our world. 

Instead of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a luxury hotel room or a new piece of electronic equipment, consider this: A quality painting will not break down and it will be in your family for generations to come. 

Currently, art is a good investment to make. A quality piece of art from an artist who has been producing and continues to produce can give significantly high returns. For more information on investing in fine art, please visit this link:www.artasanasset.com/main/artinvesting.php

Having quality artwork in the home will increases your quality of life. Just as listening to music while cleaning energizes you or relaxes you in the morning, visual art has the same effect. The art you chose to buy should “speak” to you or evoke an emotional response. 

In order for art to appreciate, we individuals of our society must support art and artists. I believe that art shapes society and society shapes art. How we chose to spend our money affects how much priority we as a society place on art culture.